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Business Life for Women How to get Customers

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Here are some reviews translated from the launch of the original book in Sweden:


Read this book!

This book is crammed with useful facts, tips, and ideas and is written so that you may read it from cover to cover but also go back and use it as a mini-encyclopedia. Read it before you start up!
I’m in the middle of a more extended training, but I find that it was good to get this book in my hand right now because I can see how I can get started and build up what I need. Helena Soderholm.


A fantastic book!

A perfect book for those who are looking to start your own business. Well written and valuable book with practical tips and advice. A helpful, fantastic book. Highly recommend! Dusica Milic.


Invaluable help

Holger Wastlunds book is a valuable help for those who want to start businesses. He begins in an untraditional way, explaining how to acquire customers and how to work with the company’s profitability, rather than starting with a business plan.This book is suitable for those who want to start a business without the mega-sized capital behind you. His book is based on practical advice and tips with references to smart solutions and where to find them without any significant costs. Mari Aberg.


I hope that you will find many helpful tips in this book. And this is just the beginning. I will keep you informed about news and tips concerning how to get customers and how to make your business profitable. I will occasionally send you a brief tip letter to keep you up to date. Of course, you can at any time unsubscribe from the tips letters if you want.

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